Assign Users to a Project

Learn the features of "Administration" menu, how to add users and set users' permission on a project
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Assign Users to a Project

Post by Support » Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:53 pm

This video will guide the user how to share created project with other users.

Important note:
1. Super Admin user can view all created projects by all users & assign users to a project.
2. The project creator will automatic set as "Admin" user of the project.
3. "Admin" user of the project can share and set other users as "Admin" user as well.
4. "Admin" user only can publish project to tendering module & push project to post contract module.
5. When publish project to tendering or push project to post contract, the admin user can pre-set who are admin users of the project at tendering or post contract module.

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